What is a Celebrant?

You may not realise that there is, in fact a way to have your ceremony exactly how you like it – non-religious, secular, using your own words – by having a Wedding and Family Celebrant. This person is a skilled and qualified practitioner who will write and deliver a “Rites of Passage”, bespoke and personalised ceremony, such as a wedding, civil partnership, renewal of vows and baby naming.


Celebrants have been in existence in the UK for over 40 years and have been very popular in parts of Europe, USA and Australia. It is becoming increasingly popular for couples to choose to have their special ceremony written and conducted by a Celebrant. The difference between a Celebrant and a Humanist is that the former is able to offer some religious input, if the couple so wish, but a Humanist is completely non-religious.


Using a Celebrant gives you the freedom of choice in location, venue and the option to design your own words, vows, format and themes – to design your own personal family occasion. The Celebrant will help you select your own music, readings and poems that hold a meaningful and symbolic significance for you, your family and your friends and will orchestrate the occasion and conduct the ceremony. It can be as informal or formal as you like and can include symbolism or follow a theme.


In England, Scotland, Wales or France you must be legally married and your marriage must be registered at a Registry Office, Church or Mairie or other authorised municipal building first. Once the official paperwork is completed the family or couple may choose any venue, whether in the back garden, by a river, on a canal boat, at a golf club, a pub or a hotel, to name a few. The venue does not have to be licensed to hold weddings as long as the owners give permission.

You are then free to have the ceremony of your dreams and a “Day to Remember!”


What I will do for you......

  • Meet you to get to know you and what you want from the occasion
  • Share any ideas I have from experience
  • Write a unique ceremony based on your preferences
  • Edit the script in response to your feedback
  • Conduct the ceremony on the day itself
  • Give you a presentation copy of the final script.


I am located ....

Near Melksham

But I will travel within a 30 mile radius.


Contact me today for an initial chat

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07792 484 597



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